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What's Real In Business Episode 2: Get Started With Gokul Madathil

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Welcome to The What's Real In Business Podcast with host Justin Bullock!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or business operator seeking educational, motivational, and entertaining information about how to most effectively grow both personally and professionally?

Join real estate entrepreneur, author, and business coach Justin Bullock as he interviews other business professionals in a variety of industries in order to highlight their journeys, mindsets, challenges, successes, routines, and their provided services.

If you want to understand the most fundamental principles for your developmental success, What's Real In Business is the channel for you.

In today’s Episode #2, Justin interviews student and entrepreneur Gokul Madathil.

Mr. Madathil is a sophomore at the University of Michigan studying business and film.

He has had a passion for filmmaking and storytelling, starting with a YouTube channel he created in sixth grade where he posted comedic skits and parodies.

In only tenth grade, he turned his hobby and passions into a business by establishing his own video production company, MadLight Productions. He has filmed weddings, parties, real estate videos, even short films and has also filmed concerts for musical artists such as The Glass Animals, PinkSweat$, and Aries.

He has also established an online SAT tutoring company called PrepMasters SAT after his own personal SAT scores were in the 99th percentile.

If you are interested in his photography or videography services, you can connect with Gokul via email at MadLightProductions@gmail.com

You can also view part of their portfolio on their YouTube at https://youtube.com/channel/UC3Y2kYfTKtXWvx6jQYwU3-w

To learn more about PrepMasters SAT, visit www.Bit.ly/prepmasters

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